Baby Dust Nursery


My name is Cassie Brace and I am the Artist behind Baby Dust Nursery

I live in a beautiful quiet village called Lower Quinton, Stratford Upon Avon, with my husband and our two adored
children George and Macie

I am into my 6th year of this wonderful art and its been an amazing 6 years of learning, friends and DOLLS.
Reborns were my first involvement in doll making, but I have recently taken to sculpting gorgeous little babies into clay,
most of which have been produced into doll kits for reborners to reborn. It's fun to be able to pick up a blank vinyl kit or a lump of clay
and create a new face, there is somethingincredible about creating something so close to life that everybody
who walks by does a double take. Even myself sometimes.
There are some amazing artists out there who sculpt the most precious and realistic kits, making my job as a reborner even
more exciting and inspiring. I like to have to freedom to create a sculpt into a baby as I invision it, I usually have
loads of ideas about a sculpt before I have it in my hands and rarely do the same baby twice. there are just too many
gorgeous kits to do, and having been privileged to prototype for many wonderful artists over the years.

In 2010 we produced first volume of Precious Little Baby Dust DVDs and I have since gone on to produce my own DVD I Art Ultra Newborns with Cassie Brace